Maldron Hotel Merrion Road


Rooms are sanitised with a disinfectant cleaning spray which is a special product that deals very effectively with viruses and other air and surface contaminants. After each guest room is cleaned a seal is attached to the door to ensure your room has not been accessed once thoroughly cleaned.

  • Touch point cleaning, extra disinfection of high touch areas including door handles, light switches, sockets and remote control.
  • De-clutter in-room amenities including guest directory, paper and pens.
  • Room charge option for meals and drinks in our restaurants, room service and click & collect services.
  • To respect guest privacy, we will only service bedrooms for guests that are staying more than 1 night on request. If you want your room serviced please hang your “Clean My Room Card” outside your door or request Room Servicing Via Our Guest Platform. Click Here
  • If you have any requests for additional housekeeping supplies or if anything in your room requires attention from our maintenance department, then please use the instant Messaging service for your request or simply contact reception

If you require Additional Guest Room Amenities or you wish to avail of our In-Room Dining service, our Guest Platform allows our guests to avail of this service.


If you have any specific questions or requests that require attention from our maintenance team, then please use the instant Messaging service or simply contact reception.


Bedroom Workout

We understand how important physical exercise is for the mind and body. Check out our in room workouts to energise and revitalise during your stay.

We have put together 3 workouts that can be done within 20 minutes, so you can spend the rest of your stay relaxing and enjoying our inhouse amenities & local neighbourhood.

Bedroom Workout    HIIT Workout

3 Core Exercises